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Related Entries Plugin for Mango Blog
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Author: Adam Tuttle (All RIAForge projects by this author)
Last Updated: June 27, 2011 8:53 AM
Version: 1.2
Views: 39,873
Downloads: 4,695
License: Apache License, Version 2


Update 2010-06-26: Updated for Mango 1.6 compatibility

Update 2010-07-12: Fixed updater (Nothing was wrong, but Mango complains if there is no "upgrade" method defined.)

Update 2010-07-09: Fixed incompatibility with Mango 1.5.

Updated 2010-03-11: Fixed some display bugs and error messages that some users were receiving.

Updated 2009-07-29: Fixed some bugs with Railo compatibility, removing reverse links, and other odd behavior caused by corrupted rel-entries data. See my blog for more information.

Updated 2009-02-27: Now compatible with Mango 1.3.x. Old version (Compatible with Mango 1.2.x) available at fusiongrokker.com.

Updated 2008-12-17: Now works with CF6 and CF7 (by making use of Nathan Mische's JSONUtil.cfc: http://jsonutil.riaforge.org/)

Updated 2009-04-16: (As of v1.1) Now Railo compatible.

This plugin will add Related Entries functionality to Mango Blog that is similar to BlogCFC's. Described in more detail here:


Last Update:

Updated plugin to work with latest version of Mango (1.6)


Mango Blog 1.6+

For Mango 1.5 and earlier, get previous versions from Github: https://github.com/atuttle/Mango-RelatedEntries/archives/master

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